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Contact us for the translation of your driving license! Write us your name, the timing and stop by our office in the center of Milan, in Corso di Porta Vittoria 56! If you don’t live in Milan, send us a high quality photo of your driving licence, we will take care of sending you the legalized translation.

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If you don’t live in Milan and don’t have the opportunity to stop by our office, don’t worry! Kasakova Traduzioni relies on a reliable Express Courier service such as DHL, TNT, Bartolini , which allows you to have your documents translated and sworn in just a few days. With the exception of citizenship requests and all documents to be presented at the police station, it is possible to send us a good quality photo of the documents without having to deliver the original to our office in Milan. The price of delivery depends on your address, however for Italy the cost varies from 20 to 30 euros . In the case of shipments outside Italy, please contact us well in advance and indicate your address with telephone number or the contact details of the person who will receive the sworn translations for you. 

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With the growth of large-scale retail trade and the increase in mobility, Europe has seen an exponential growth in the movement of goods by road over the last 50 years. Italy, having a very branched motorway network, is no exception in this sense. Home delivery services have also grown in the consumption habits of Italians, with sites like Amazon and similar. This phenomenon, combined with the large community and non-EU immigration, is reflected in the large presence of drivers, couriers, drivers and lorry drivers of foreign nationality who work in our country, accounting for around 30% of the total. Foreign workers engaged in translated licensetransport in Italy need, when starting this type of employment, to have their driving license translated from the language of their country of origin into Italian. The driving licence , an authentic “pass” for the job of transporter, must not only be translated into Italian, but also legalized in order to comply with the provisions of the labor law. The legalized translation of the driving license must faithfully reproduce, without errors or inaccuracies, the content of the original document, indicating the person’s personal details, the date of issue and the validity period, and the categories covered. This last element is fundamental in these working contexts: for example the D license entitles you to drive motor vehicles for the transport of people with a number of seats greater than 9 including that of the driver. The C license , on the other hand, the most widespread and requested, enables the transport of goods; in simple terms it is the license required to drive a truck, that is, the vehicle that delivers most of the goods circulating in Italy on a daily basis.

Kasakova Traduzioni , an agency accredited by the Court of Milan, boasts twenty years of experience in the field of legalized translation of driving licenses into Italian from all languages , including languages ​​of immigration such as Romanian , Bulgarian , Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian , Russian , Arabic, Chinese, Spanish.

We carry out the legalized translation of your driving license quickly, punctually and professionally at an affordable price . We are available to meet your emergencies.

Our translation office guarantees a quick and reliable service , performed by native speaker translators and guaranteed to ISO 9001 standards .

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A driving license is a legal document that certifies a person’s ability to drive vehicles on public roads. The main features of a driving license may vary slightly from one country to another, but in general, they include the following information:

  1. Personal information : The driver’s license contains the holder’s personal information, such as the individual’s full name, date of birth, address and a photograph. These general information must be translated if the alphabet used in the document is different from that of the original document: for example, it could be in Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese. 

  2. License Number : A unique number identifies your driver’s license. In this case the translator only needs to carefully copy the figures.

  3. Driving category : The license may specify the categories of vehicles that the holder is authorized to drive. For example, there can be categories for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, etc. The translator must make the comparison for Italy. 

  4. Expiration Date : Your driver’s license has an expiration date, after which it must be renewed to continue driving legally.


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