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The only translation
company in Italy highly
specialized in technical
translations from English
to Russian.
Areas of expertise
Internet, IT and telecommunications
Chemistry, agriculture, science, food industry
Energy, oil and gas
Economics and finance, banking, literature, law
Education, environment, social and political sciences
Medicine, pharmaceutical
Mathematics, architecture
Military and civil engineering
Transports, industry, metallurgy, mechanics
Civil and industrial plants.

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Russian Translations

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Translations to and from Russian
Over the years and thanks to the projects assigned, Kasakova Traduzioni has developed and strengthened a specialized team of Russian mother-tongue translators.
Each linguist boasts a proven educational background and excellent CV, and has been selected and trained by our staff to provide 100% reliable translations.
We offer translation as well as interpreting services.
We assisted our clients in Russia and Central Asia in all contract negotiation phases or during the creation of joint-ventures.
We provided Italian < > Russian and Russian < > English interpreting services during meetings with Heads of State, Ministers and other officials (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries).
Russian is one of world's fastest growing languages.
The huge energy resources of the Russian Federation and former Soviet republics (today the CIS) which create investments by western companies and multinational partnerships is just one of the reasons for the growing importance of the Russian language.
Russia is the world's second largest oil producing country, accounting for 12% of total production, and the world's first producer of natural gas. Kazakhstan, a Russian speaking language, is a fast growing country in the field of energy and has close business relationships with European and Italian partners.
The building of infrastructures and the involvement of different players have generated a large volume of documentation and manuals to help the parties involved communicate and interplay, thus requiring a constant and reliable linguistic support.
Russian is a very rich and difficult language. It has its own alphabet (Cyrillic) and complex grammar rules which require strong linguistic mastery on the part of the translators to provide high-quality translations.